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Oshe (pronounced ah-shay) is a fast-paced, improvisationaly-based groove quartet. The music is a thick rhythmic mesh of rock, groove, and explosive improvisation, drawing influence from early 1970's Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock ensembles, as well as more modern groups like Radiohead and Medeski Martin and Wood.

The band has a mature and varied approach to high-energy improvisation within the context of strong, melodic song writing. Never at rest, the band is always stretching the sonic capabilities of their instruments to achieve fresh, dynamic blends of sound. From wailing guitar leads and tight drum and bass interplay, to heavy Rage Against The Machine�influenced rock riffs, these guys never slow down and never cease to keep you waiting for more.

Their newest release, The Good Book, is a full-length live album that was captured from recordings of 11 shows in fall 2004. The album is a clear reflection of the intensity and thoughtfulness of their live performances, while allowing some of the subtlety of their work and quality of production to shine through in quieter moments.

Oshe has played to full houses around the northeastern U.S. at venues such as The Knitting Factory in New York City, Rochester's Milestones, Higher Ground in Burlington, Ithaca's The Haunt, Buffalo's Tralfamadore, Northern Lights and Revolution Hall in Albany, Geneva's Smith Opera House, Mr. Small's Theatre in Pittsburgh, The Mexicali Blue Cafe in New Jersey and Stephen Talkhouse on Long Island. Oshe has shared stages with bands Jazz Mandolin Project, Umphrey's McGee, The Breakfast, Benevento/Russo Duo, The Bad Plus, The Big Wu, Brothers Past, Ulu, Sim Redmond Band, Max Creek, Schleigho, and Topaz during their first major touring effort. Having played 150+ shows this past year, Oshe has become one of the hardest-working touring acts on the scene today.

"If the improvisation and musical exploration of Phish is like an EKG blip - with dramatic and jagged sparks of energy - then Oshe's music is like a flowing sine wave - with gradual swells and dissipations of sonic intensity; more Medeski Martin and Wood than moe." -Josh Baron, New Paltz's Times Herald-Record

"Although the upstate New York-based Oshe offer plenty of extended solos and exploratory grooves, the instrumental group isn't easily pigeonholed. With a nod to Herbie Hancock's far-out funk as well as the molten riffs of John McLaughlin, Oshe aren't your typical patchouli-soaked meanderers. Musical discipline and moments of genuine risk-taking set the band apart from the growing horde of neo-jam acts."

"It's nice to hear a group that pushes further than most contemporary jam-bands. Oshe obviously take their compositions seriously -- if they keep at it, they might serve as a link between modern groove-rock and the fusion groups of yore." - Mike Spies, Burlington's 7 Days Magazine

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